Michael: The Magic Of Michael Jackson starring Ben Bowman 2023

magic of michael jackson tickets
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Experience the fascinating spectacle of “Michael – The Magic of Michael Jackson” showcasing Ben Bowman, the UK`s most useful tribute star. Bowman’s extraordinary resemblance and exquisite expertise now no longer handiest encompass Michael Jackson’s look and vocal prowess however additionally captivate audiences to trust they may be witnessing the mythical performer himself. Enhanced with the aid of using an exceptional stay band, incredible costumes, iconic dance routines, and the incomparable Ben, this exceptional manufacturing ensures an remarkable, dynamic, and true homage to the long-lasting superstar.

Alongside the finest hits of Michael Jackson, including “Thriller,” “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” “Man withinside the Mirror,” and plenty of more, the display additionally capabilities the undying classics of The Jackson 5. “Michael – The Magic of Michael Jackson” ingeniously blends factors from Jackson’s famend level suggests with interesting new preparations and an awe-inspiring mild display, growing an impeccable tribute to Michael and his remarkable musical legacy.

Venue19:00 Sun 17 Dec 2023
Date & Time Coca-Cola Arena – Dubai – United Arab Emirate

Ticket price

Ticket price for Michael The Magic Of Michael Jackson starring Ben Bowman in Coca-Cola Arena – Dubai – United Arab Emirate starts from USD39.29, Book tickets on official website.

  • Tickets are sold at the best availability 
  • Your E-Tickets will be sent 2 days prior to the event day
  • Admissions are open to all ages. Guests below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

How to get there

By car: Coca-Cola Arena is located in the City Walk area and it’s easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road. From Sheikh Zayed Road, take Exit 47 towards Al Safa Street and follow the signs for City Walk.

By public transportation: Coca-Cola Arena Dubai is easily accessible by metro, you can take the Red Line and get off at the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro Station. From there, you can walk a few minutes to reach Coca-Cola Arena.

By taxi: You can also take a taxi to Coca-Cola Arena Dubai. It’s a famous destination and most drivers would be familiar with its location.


1. How accurate is Ben Bowman’s portrayal of Michael Jackson?

Ben Bowman is widely acclaimed for his exceptional talent and attention to detail in impersonating Michael Jackson. His performances have been praised for their uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop, including his signature dance moves, vocal style, and stage presence. Audiences can expect a highly accurate and impressive portrayal of magic of michael jackson tickets during the show.

2. Are there age restrictions for attending the show?

Age restrictions may vary depending on the venue’s policy and the specific event. It is advisable to check the event details or contact the ticketing provider for information regarding age restrictions. Some shows may be open to all ages, while others may have age limitations due to the nature of the performance.

3. How long is the show?

The duration of the show can vary, but typically tribute shows like “The Magic of Michael Jackson” starring Ben Bowman last approximately two hours, including an intermission. However, it is always recommended to check the official event details or consult the ticketing provider for the most accurate information regarding the show’s duration.

4. Can I purchase tickets at the venue on the day of the show?

While it is possible to purchase magic of michael jackson tickets at the venue on the day of the show, it is highly recommended to secure your tickets in advance. Tribute shows featuring popular artists like Michael Jackson can often sell out quickly, and purchasing tickets in advance ensures you have a guaranteed seat and avoids any potential disappointment. It is advised to check the official ticketing website or authorized ticket vendors for availability and to secure your tickets as early as possible.

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