The Museum of Illusions Tickets in Dubai

The Museum of Illusions, Dubai tickets
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The Museum of Illusions in Al Seef, Dubai, UAE is a captivating attraction that offers visitors a unique and mind-bending experience. As you step inside this enchanting museum, you are transported into a world of optical illusions, trickery displays, and interactive installations that challenge your perception and leave you in awe. With its array of visually stunning exhibits, this museum is a haven for both art enthusiasts and those curious about the science behind illusions. From exploring the physiology of vision to capturing memorable photos, the Museum of Illusions promises an unforgettable journey through the realm of illusion and imagination.

VenueAl Seef, Dubai, UAE
Timing10 a.m. to 10 p.m.Β 

Ticket price

Ticket price for The Museum of Illusions in Al Seef, Dubai, UAE starts from USD19.93 onwards, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Age Groupprice
Adult Ticket (16 years and above)
19.93 USD
Child Ticket (5 to 15 years)16.84 USD
Family Ticket (includes 2 adults with 2 Children)63.15 USD
Senior/Student Ticket19.65 USD
Family & Friends (group of 5)95.40 USD

Ticket information:

The Museum Of Illusions ticket sales are final and are 100% non-refundable.

  • Visitors are not allowed to bring food or beverages, glassware, or alcohol into the premises.
  • Please carry a valid photo ID with you.

What’s included in the ticket

  • Entry to The Museum Of Illusions
  • Access to all the open galleries
  • Parking

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

What To Expect

Experience captivating and mind-bending illusions that will make you curious and excited at The Museum of Illusions, Dubai. From a unique anti-gravity room to tricky puzzles and optical illusions, this museum tour is enjoyable and educational for both kids and adults.


  • Experience the Vortex Tunnel, a unique rotating cylinder that makes it seem like the bridge is swaying and shaking.
  • Visit the Anti-Gravity Rooms that allow you to resist gravity, making it appear you’re standing upside down.
  • Take part in exciting puzzles, optical illusions and brain teasers that will leave you entertained and educated at the same time.
  • Enjoy many incredible and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities inside the museum.

Important things to know before your visit

  • Museum of Illusions Dress Code: Casual, appropriate clothing is allowed during the tour. No beachwear allowed.
  • Museum of Illusions Age and Health Restrictions: A visit to The Museum Of Illusions is suitable for people of all ages, including expecting mothers.
  • Accessibility: The entire Museum of Illusions experience is wheelchair accessible.

How to get there:

By car: The Museum of Illusions is located in Al Seef, and iseasily accessible by car. You can park the car in Al Seef parking free of cost.

By public transportation: The museum is easily accessible by public transportation. If you are taking the metro, you can get off at Burjuman station and take a short walk or bus ride to Al Seef.

By taxi: You can also take a taxi to the museum from anywhere in Dubai. It’s a popular destination, and most taxi drivers will be familiar with the location.


1. What is the Museum of Illusions in Al Seef?

The Museum of Illusions in Al Seef is a popular attraction in Dubai, UAE that showcases a wide range of optical illusions, trickery displays, and interactive installations. It offers visitors a unique and immersive experience that challenges their perception and provides insights into the fascinating world of illusions.

2. Can children visit the Museum of Illusions?

Absolutely! The Museum of Illusions is a family-friendly attraction that welcomes visitors of all ages. Children, in particular, will delight in the mind-bending exhibits and interactive installations, which offer a fun and educational experience. It’s a great opportunity for kids to explore their creativity, curiosity, and expand their understanding of how our minds perceive the world.

3. Can I take photos inside the museum?

Yes, photography is allowed inside the the museum of Illusions tickets. In fact, the museum offers plenty of unique and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. From posing with 3D artworks to capturing optical illusions, you’ll have the chance to take unforgettable photos. However, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of other visitors and follow any guidelines provided by the museum regarding photography.

4. How long does a typical visit to the Museum of Illusions take?

The duration of a visit to the the museum of Illusions tickets can vary depending on individual preferences. On average, visitors spend around 1 to 2 hours exploring the exhibits and engaging with the interactive installations. However, you are welcome to take your time and fully immerse yourself in the illusions and experiences provided by the museum.

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