UAE Public Holidays in 2023

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UAE public holidays : Has officially announced 2022’s last official holiday. A December 1-3 break —for Commemoration and National Days — and the Sunday off translate into a four-day weekend for most residents.

Lists of holidays help people plan their vacations better. In the UAE, a unified list for the public and private sectors ensures employees get equal number of days off.The official list of holidays for 2023 is yet to be announced by the authorities. However, Khaleej Times has crunched some numbers to put together a list of the most probable dates of the holidays next year.The Islamic holidays listed below are based on astronomical calculations and subject to change after moon-sighting.There are a large number of South Asians working in the UAE. Whether you are working in UAE or just living there, you must know about the UAE Holidays 2023.

There are 14 public holiday dates in 2023, the first of which was New Year’s Day. Next will be for Eid Al-Fitr, expected to fall on April 20, 21, 22 and 23, following Ramadan.

UAE public holidays in 2023: List in full

Jan 1SundayNew Year’s Day
Apr 20ThursdayEid al-Fitr
Apr 21FridayEid al-Fitr
Apr 22SaturdayEid al-Fitr
Apr 23SundayEid al-Fitr
Jun 27TuesdayArafat Day
Jun 28WednesdayEid al-Adha
Jun 29ThursdayEid al-Adha
Jun 30FridayEid al-Adha
Jul 19WednesdayIslamic New Year
Sep 27WednesdayProphet Muhammad’s Birthday
Dec 1FridayCommemoration Day
Dec 2SaturdayNational Day
Dec 3SundayNational Day

Note: The Holiday dates in this table are an estimate. We will update this page once the official public holiday dates for 2023 are released.

UAE school holidays in 2023

o With the first half-term break of 2023 soon, it’s time to make sure you’ve got all the school holiday dates noted down if you have children of school age.
o While some dates are yet to be confirmed, and others will be nailed down by each school individually, we do know of some to keep on your radar.
o Children returned to school on Monday January 2 following time off at the end of last year.
o Next up, they will have a week off starting on Monday February 13 with the kiddos returning back to school on Monday February 20.
o Then there is expected to be another break from Monday March 27 with the schools reopening on Thursday April 13, according to the school calendar for the second and third semesters on the UAE government website.
o Following this will be the summer holidays which usually will start in late June and last until late August but the dates are yet to be confirmed which means it is too soon to book that family holiday

UAE public holidays in 2023: Options for travel

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A: On 2nd December 2023.


A: In the United Arab Emirates, Mouloud 2022 is a holiday honoring the great Prophet Mohammed, and this day is set aside to commemorate his birth anniversary. Moreover, the UAE will commemorate Mouloud on October 8, 2022. Given the significance and stature attributed to the Prophet Muhammad in the context of Islamic culture and traditions, not just for Muslims in the United Arab Emirates, but for Muslims worldwide. For those who are unaware, according to Islamic religious theories and practices, Muhammad is regarded as the final prophet.


A: On 27th September 2023.

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