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urban beats tickets
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Every Thursday DJ JAX brings the British urban sounds to The Mansion. Stay tuned for the latest hip hop, grime, R&B, drill he beats, and old school classics from the hottest UK and US artists. Ladies and gentlemen, please come early. Drinks are available at the bar until 1am.

VenueThe Mansion at Five
Date & Time27 – 28 Jul 2023 & 9PM

Ticket price

Ticket price for Urban Beats at The Mansion at Five starts from AED20, Book tickets on official website. Check more information.

Ticket portal

Book tickets on official website.

How to book ticket online

Here’s a general guide on how to book Urban Beats tickets on Platinumlist:

  1. Visit the Platinumlist Website: Go to the Platinumlist website (www.platinumlist.net) using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Search for Urban Beats Event: Use the search bar or browse through the list of events to find the Urban Beats event you want to attend. You can use filters like date, location, or category to narrow down the search results.
  3. Select the Event: Click on the Urban Beats event listing to view more details about the event, including the date, time, location, and ticket options.
  4. Choose Ticket Type: Select the type and quantity of tickets you want to purchase. Platinumlist usually offers different ticket categories such as Regular, VIP, Early Bird, etc., each with its own pricing and benefits.
  5. Add to Cart: After selecting your desired ticket type and quantity, click on the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button.
  6. Review Your Order: Go to your cart to review the selected tickets, quantity, and total cost. Make sure all the information is accurate before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Sign In or Create an Account: If you already have a Platinumlist account, sign in. If not, you might need to create a new account using your email address or social media profiles.
  8. Enter Attendee Information: Provide the required information for each attendee (name, email, etc.) as prompted.
  9. Choose Delivery Method: Select the ticket delivery method. Platinumlist typically offers options like email delivery or mobile ticket download.
  10. Payment: Choose your preferred payment method (credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.) and enter the necessary payment details to complete the transaction. Make sure to check if there are any additional fees or taxes added to the total cost.
  11. Confirmation: Once the payment is processed successfully, you should receive a confirmation email with your ticket details and order summary.
  12. Collect Your Tickets: Depending on the ticket delivery method you chose, you will either receive an email with a PDF ticket to print or a mobile ticket that you can show at the event on your smartphone.



1. Can I purchase tickets at the door?

No, tickets for the Urban Beats event at The Mansion at Five will not be available for purchase at the door. It is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as the event may sell out quickly. Tickets can be purchased online through the designated ticketing platform.

2. Is there an age restriction for attending the event?

Yes, the Urban Beats event at The Mansion at Five is strictly for attendees who are 18 years or older. Valid identification will be required for entry, so make sure to bring a government-issued ID or passport to the event.

3. Are there any VIP or special ticket packages available?

Yes, there may be VIP or special ticket packages available for the Urban Beats event. These packages often include additional perks such as exclusive access to VIP areas, priority entry, and dedicated bars. Keep an eye on the event’s official website or ticketing platform for information on any special ticket offerings.

4. Is there a dress code for the event?

While there may not be a strict dress code for the Urban Beats event, it is recommended to dress comfortably and stylishly for a night of music and dancing. Many attendees opt for trendy and fashionable attire, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Just remember to wear suitable footwear for a lively and energetic event.

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