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Udupi, located in the state of Karnataka in India, is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, ancient temples, pristine beaches, and delicious cuisine. The town is home to the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, which attracts thousands of devotees and tourists every year.

In addition to the temple, Udupi boasts a wide range of attractions, from beautiful beaches and historical sites to adventure activities and delicious food. This guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to plan your trip to Udupi, including details on entry tickets, timing, most visited places, discounts, and offers. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, you will find plenty of reasons to fall in love with this charming town.

Time: The best time to visit Udupi is between the months of October and March, when the weather is pleasant and perfect for exploring the city.

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Ticket price for Udupi, Karnataka Entry starts from INR 750 to INR 1350, Book tickets on official website. check more information.

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Book tickets on official website.

Top Attractions and Must-See Sights in Udupi

Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

The Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is an ancient temple that is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is one of the most visited places in Udupi and attracts devotees from all over the world. The temple is known for its unique architecture and offers a serene environment for spiritual seekers.

Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach is a beautiful beach that is located about 6 km from Udupi. It is known for its picturesque views, golden sand, and clear waters. The beach also offers various water sports activities like jet-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides.

St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Island is a group of four small islands that are located off the coast of Malpe Beach. The island is known for its unique geological formations and crystal clear waters. Visitors can take a ferry ride from Malpe Beach to reach the island.

Anantheshwar Temple

The Anantheshwar Temple is an ancient temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known for its intricate carvings and impressive architecture. The temple also offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere for visitors to meditate and seek spiritual solace.

Discounts and Offers for Udupi’s Tourist Destinations

Discounts for Udupi’s Must-See Attractions

Several tourist attractions in Udupi offer discounts to students, senior citizens, and groups. It is advisable to check the official website or contact the authorities for accurate information.

Special Offers for Udupi’s Tourist Destinations

During festive seasons and special occasions, some of Udupi’s popular tourist destinations offer special discounts and offers to visitors. It is always advisable to check their social media pages or official websites for the latest updates on discounts and offers.

How to Plan Your Udupi Trip

Planning a trip to Udupi can be an exciting and enriching experience. Before you pack your bags and embark on your journey, here are some tips and recommendations to ensure that you make the most out of your trip.

How to Get to Udupi

Udupi is located in the southern part of Karnataka and is easily accessible by road, rail and air. The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport, which is approximately 60 km away from Udupi. The nearest railway station is located in Udupi and is well connected to major cities across the country. You can also take a bus or taxi from nearby cities like Mangalore, Bangalore or Mysore to reach Udupi.

Accommodation Options in Udupi

Udupi offers a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. You can choose from budget guesthouses, mid-range hotels, luxury resorts and homestays. Some of the popular places to stay in Udupi include Malpe Beach Resort, Paradise Lagoon and Country Inn and Suites.

Recommended Itineraries for Udupi

Udupi has a lot to offer and it’s important to plan your itinerary in advance. You can spend one or two days exploring the cultural and historical attractions of the city, followed by a day or two indulging in adventure activities. You can also spend a day exploring the local markets and trying out the delicious local cuisine.

Exploring Udupi’s Rich Culture and Heritage

Udupi is known for its rich culture and heritage, with a fascinating history that dates back to ancient times. Here are some of the must-see cultural and historical attractions in Udupi.

Udupi’s Cultural Significance

Udupi is considered to be one of the holiest towns in India, owing to its association with the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. The temple also has a unique kitchen where almost 20,000 devotees are fed for free every day.

Historical Monuments in Udupi

Apart from the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, there are several other historical monuments and landmarks in Udupi that are worth a visit. Some of the popular ones include the Anantheshwar Temple, Chandramouleshwara Temple and the St. Mary’s Island.

Fun Activities to Try in Udupi for Adventure Seekers

For adventure seekers, Udupi is a paradise. The city offers several opportunities to indulge in thrilling outdoor activities that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Here are some of the top adventure activities to try in Udupi.

Water Sports at Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Udupi and is known for its pristine waters and golden sand. The beach offers several water sports like jet skiing, parasailing and banana boat rides.

Trekking at Kodachadri Hills

Kodachadri Hills is a popular trekking destination in Udupi and is known for its lush green forests, scenic waterfalls and stunning views. The trek is moderately difficult and can be completed in a day.

Wildlife Safari at Kudremukh National Park

Kudremukh National Park is a biodiversity hotspot and is home to several rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. A wildlife safari in the park is a great way to explore the rich wildlife of Udupi.

Best Places to Eat and Shop in Udupi

No trip to Udupi is complete without trying out the delicious local cuisine and shopping for souvenirs. Here are some of the best places to eat and shop in Udupi.

Udupi’s Famous Cuisine and Restaurants

Udupi is famous for its vegetarian cuisine, which is a unique blend of South Indian and Udupi-style cooking. Some of the must-try dishes include Masala Dosa, Idli, Vada and Puliyogare. Some of the popular restaurants in Udupi include Shri Krishna Math, Mitra Samaj, and Woodlands.

Where to Shop for Souvenirs in Udupi

Udupi is known for its unique handicrafts and souvenirs, which make great gifts for friends and family back home. Some of the popular shopping destinations in Udupi include the Udupi Flea Market, City Shopping Centre and the Malpe Beach Bazaar.In summary, Udupi is a fascinating destination that offers something for everyone. From its beautiful beaches and ancient temples to its delicious food and thrilling adventure activities, the town has plenty to keep you entertained for days. So whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie, Udupi is definitely worth a visit. With this guide, you now have all the information you need to plan your trip and make the most of your time in this wonderful town.


1. When is the best time to visit Udupi?

The best time to visit Udupi is between October and March when the weather is cool and pleasant. During this time, the town experiences little to no rainfall, and the temperature ranges between 15°C and 30°C, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

2. Are there any discounts available for entry tickets in Udupi?

Yes, there are many discounts and offers available for entry tickets to Udupi’s tourist destinations. You can check online or inquire with your hotel or tour operator for the latest deals and discounts.

3. What are the must-see sights in Udupi?

Some of the must-see sights in Udupi include the Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Malpe Beach, St. Mary’s Island, and Anantheshwar Temple. All of these attractions are steeped in history and culture and offer a glimpse into Udupi’s rich heritage.

4. What are the adventure activities to try in Udupi?

There are several adventure activities to try in Udupi, including water sports at Malpe Beach, trekking at Kodachadri Hills, and wildlife safari at Kudremukh National Park. These activities are perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers looking for a unique experience in Udupi.

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