Worlds Best Theme Parks

World Best Theme Parks
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Every theme park worth its name requires a world-class attraction of some kind. And while many of the largest, fastest, and tallest theme parks still exist in the USA, a country known for its extremes, there are many contenders for the title.

The UAE is one of the most recent arrivals, and Abu Dhabi’s wild Ferrari World is a serious contender for the title of the wildest new theme park in the world. Another significant participant in the fantasy-land playoff is Japan. Not to be forgotten is Europe, which is home to some of the oldest theme parks in the world.

Are you trying to find the best theme park on the planet? There are many locations that would undoubtedly offer you an adrenaline rush, regardless of whether you want to photograph the wonders of a fairy-tale dreamland or want to be amazed by the scariest coasters. While Disneyland is the first name that comes to mind when people think of theme parks, have a look at these top amusement parks throughout the globe that provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Top Five Theme park

1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK

Unbeatable ride: ICON

In addition to being the most popular tourist destination in the UK, “Blackpool Pleasure Beach” also ranks in the top 20 amusement parks in the world.

The park in the north of England has around 40 rides, including ICON, the first double-launch coaster in the UK that took the place of the beloved Wild Mouse in 2018.

Pepsi Max Big One coaster at Pleasure Beach, which debuted in 1994, was worthy of its moniker at the time. It is still the tallest rollercoaster in the UK. It was once the highest, fastest, and steepest rollercoaster in the world.

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2. Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Unbeatable ride: Typhoon Lagoon’s Crush ‘n’ Gusher

There are so many top-notch theme parks in Florida that highlighting just one feels unfair. But as the biggest theme park in the world, Walt Disney World deserves to be mentioned.

Orlando’s location must be substantial because, with around 50 million people annually, it is also the most popular theme park. There are six theme and water parks, 24 hotels, and four golf courses there.

Naturally, Typhoon Lagoon is the largest water park in the world and is located within the park. The idea of the game is a tropical paradise wrecked by a mythological typhoon, which explains the scattered surfboards and yachts.

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3. Everland Resort, South Korea

Unbeatable ride: Championship Rodeo

Rephrase This large and popular South Korean theme park seems to have adopted the western approach to amusement parks wholeheartedly. The name is only partially translated, lacking any full representation of the Korean word for “park.”

American Adventure features a variety of American-themed rides, including a Wild West ride and a Rodeo thrill ride.

Among the many attractions at the park is a moderately hallucinogenic highlight known as Caribbean Bay. This section features brightly-colored sun loungers, rustic huts, and even a miniature tsunami that periodically flows through the pool.

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4. PortAventura, Spain

Unbeatable ride: Hurakan Condor

Rephrase The largest theme park in southern Europe is located on the Spanish island of Costa Dorada, called PortAventura. The park features five themed areas – the Mediterranean, the Far West, Mexico, China and Polynesia – all based on real-world civilizations. The Mexican area is particularly impressive with its elaborate temples and statues dating back to antiquity.

The Hurakan Condor is one of the worlds tallest rides, reaching a height of 115 metres. Riders freefall for an intense 86 metre descent before slowly landing on the ground.

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5. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Unbeatable ride: Formula Rossa


As a Ferrari-themed amusement park, it would have been disappointing if the park didn’t have one of the fastest roller coasters in the world. Formula Rossa boasts a top speed of 240km/h.

Ferrari World, located in Abu Dhabi, is home to the worlds largest indoor theme park – covering over 200,000 square metres. This attraction features a number of high-speed coasters for visitors to enjoy.

Ferrari World is not just for car enthusiasts. The Bell’Italia exhibit features a recreation of classic Italian cityscapes, complete with driving opportunities in the 250 GT California Spyder and other attractions like the Tyre Twist and Turbo Track. Other highlights include the teacup ride with Ferraris and an exhibit featuring classic Ferrari cars.

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