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Indian Railways ticket transfer

The Indian Railways offers the option of ticket booking in accordance with the rules and conditions published in the coaching tariff. A passenger seeking reservation of berths or seats can purchase tickets from the railway reservation offices, authorised travel agency or book directly from Indian Railways e-ticketing arm, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). Advance reservations can be made generally done up to 120 days in advance for all classes and all trains. The ticket reservation charge varies for different classes, noted Indian Railways on its official website-

If there is a festival season, wedding occasion, or any personal issue then the person needs to raise the ticket 48 hours prior to the departure. The NCC candidates can also enjoy the benefits of the ticket transfer service. Passengers who will replace their counterpart are required to carry their identification documents for travelling Train Enquiry

Ticket Chargers

Ticket Charges for Indian Railways Ticket Booking ticket ranges between Rs. 15 to Rs. 75 according to the ticket and travel types.

Ticket Charges Below:

ClassReservation FeeSupplementary charges for Superfast trains
AC IstRs. 60Rs 75
AC 2 TierRs. 50Rs 45
Ist (Mail/Express)Rs. 50Rs 45
Ist (Ordinary)Rs. 50—-
AC – 3 TierRs. 40Rs 45
AC Chair CarRs. 40Rs 45
Sleeper (Mail/Express)Rs. 20Rs 30
Second Sitting (Mail/Express)Rs. 15Rs 15
Sleeper (Ordinary)Rs. 20—-
Second Sitting (Ordinary)Rs 15—-

Ticket portal

Book IRCTC official website, Check more information.

Train Ticket Fare Enquiry

Looking online to get an insight into the IRCTC ticket availability with fare and timings? Or want to know about train seat availability online? Though there’re many factors that blink in our mind before a journey; but fare details is something that haunts our mind as Indian train journeys are budget-limited.  Whether it’s the arrival or departure of the train or getting details on the train schedule; the RailMitra app serves you with rail tools for several inquiry services. Indian train fare being one of them is a support for the passengers through which they can make budget-friendly travel decisions. If you are looking over the train fare to decide the budget of your journey; just enter the source and destination of your train, class, date of travel and click on the search button. Once it’s done; a list of the train along with classes and fares appears on the page. It is advisable to simply book tickets on the train as soon as possible to avoid the last-minute rush.

Components of Indian Railways fare

  1. Base fare
  2. Reservation Charge :-
    • 1A (AC 1 Tier) = 60.00/- Rs. Only
    • 2A (AC 2 Tier) = 50.00/- Rs. Only
    • 3A (AC 3 Tier) = 40.00/- Rs. Only
    • SL (Sleeper) = 20.00/- Rs. Only
    • 2S (2nd Seating) = 15.00/- Rs. Only
  3. Super fast charge :-
    • 1A (AC 1 Tier) = 75.00/- Rs. Only
    • 2A (AC 2 Tier) = 45.00/- Rs. Only
    • 3A (AC 3 Tier) = 45.00/- Rs. Only
    • SL (Sleeper) = 30.00/- Rs. Only
    • 2S (2nd Seating) = 15.00/- Rs. Only
    • General Ticket = 15.00/- Rs. Only
  4. Tatkal Charge :-
    • Rs. 100 to Rs. 400
  5. Catering Charge : Catering Charges in Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Duronto Express Trains.
  6. GST :
    • 5% GST charged on AC Classes.
    • Base Fare + Reservation Charge + Superfast Charge + Dynamic fare (if available) * 5% = GST
  7. Dynamic Charge :
    • The base fares will increase by 10% of berths sold subject to a prescribed ceiling limit. There will be no change in the existing fare for 1AC and EC class of travel.

Indian Railways Fare discounts

No concessional tickets allowed for Garib Rath and Humsafar Train / Quota / Class.

  1. Senior Citizen Female :
    • Minimum 58 years are granted 50% Concession in the fares of all classes of Mail / Express / Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Jan-Shatabdi / Duronto group of trains except Garib Rath and Humsafar Train.
  2. Senior Citizen Male :
    • Minimum 60 years are granted 40% Concession in the fares of all classes of Mail / Express / Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Jan-Shatabdi / Duronto group of trains Garib Rath and Humsafar Train.
  3. Student :
    • For more information about Students Ticket & Concession Click here.
  4. Doctor :
    • Doctors – Allopathic travelling for any purpose. 10% Concession in all classes and in Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi trains.
    • Nurses & Midwives for leave and duty. 25% Concession in Second and Sleeper class.

Fare for Child in Railway:

Age of ChildFare Collected
Below 5 yearsFree
5 Years and above, but below 12 YearsHalf the adult Fare
12 Years and aboveFull Fare

Full adult fare will be charged for children of age 5 years and under 12 years of age if for whom full separate berth/seat (in reserved class) is sought at the time of reservation. However, in case full separate berth/seat is not sought for the children of age 5 years and under 12 years of age at the time of reservation, then half of the adult fare shall continue to be charged subject to the minimum distance for charging.

Group Booking

In case you require reservation in excess of the above limit of 6 passengers you may contact the controlling officer/Chief Reservation supervisor of the concerned reservation office for permission to book more number of passengers in a group. However, such booking of bulk accommodation is available only after 10.00 hrs on computerized reservation system subject to overall limit on trains as per extant rules and availability of accommodation . Here is step by step guide to help in bulk booking of berths.

  • Please submit a letter (in two copies) to authorized` officials giving details such as train number, date of journey and of berths and the list of passengers.
  • Get the permission of the authorized officials.
  • Contact the bulk booking counter for purchase of tickets.

Advance Booking

  • 120 days in advance from the starting station the tickets can be purchase. The tickets sale starts at 8AM on the opening day of the booking.

Circular Ticket

  • For more information about Circular Ticket Click here.

Seasonal Ticket

  • Season tickets to students are issued for First & Second class upto the maximum distance of 150 Kms.
  • The student monthly season tickets will be charged at half of the normal adult season ticket fare and student Quarterly Season tickets will be charged at 2.7 times of the Student MST fare.
  • These MSTs/QSTs will be issued without any minimum charge to the students of recognized institutions under.
  • Condition that the age of students, to whom the tickets are issued, should not exceed 25 years in the case of student in general, 27 years in the case of students belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Tribes and 35 years in the case of Research Scholars.
  • NOTE : Season tickets to students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall be issued as under: –
    • MSTs: On payment of 50% below the normal Student MST fares, and
    • QSTs: On payment of 2.7 times of the concessional fares of MSTs vide. (i)above
    • For more information Click here.

Types of General Reservation tickets?

PRS Ticket

Purchased from reservation counters. A printer ticket is issued.


Purchase from website. Electronic ticket is issued. The SMS can be used to travel in the train

How can I make payment to book e-ticket

You can use Internet Banking, Cash Cards, eWallets, IRCTC Prepaid Instruments, and major Banks Debit & Credit cards.

How to postpone/prepone journey

No you can’t postpone/prepone your journey, this can be done on line by cancelling the original ticket and booking a fresh ticket.

Can I book student/other concession ticket

No This facility is not available for e-Ticket and I-Ticket.

How many days in advance the ticket can be purchased

120 days in advance from the starting station the tickets can be purchase. The tickets sale starts at 8AM on the opening day of the booking

How many persons can be in one ticket

Maximum of 6 persons can be booked in one ticket.

ClassMin Dist for Charge (Kms)Basic Fare at Min Dist (INR)Res Fee (INR)Supp Charge for Superfast Trains (INR)
Mail/Express Services
Second Class50291515
Sleeper Class2001202030
AC Chair Car1502054045
AC 3- Tier3004284045
First Class1002305045
Executive Class6075
Ordinary Services
Second Class (Suburban)10415
Second Class (Non-Suburban)10315
Sleeper Class2007620
First Class104550
Second Class MST10150
First Class MST10600
Second Class QST10405
First Class QST101620
Platform Ticket Rs. 10/- per passenger


  • Min = Minimum
  • Dist = Distance
  • Res = Reservation
  • Supp = Supplementary
  • Tatkal Fare
  • General Fare
  • Dynamic Fare
  • Premium Tatkal Fare
  • Suvidha Train Fare
  • Tejas Train Fare
  • IR Fare Chart
  • Suburban Fare Chart

How to Check Fares of different Trains Online

Your travel mate RailMitra is set up for train inquiry services online. This is one of the fastest ways to get the exact Indian railway fare for trains in real-time.

Here’re Quick Steps to check Train Fare:

  • Enter the Train Name or Number
  • Select the Travel Quota, 
  • Select the from & To Station Name 
  • Hit Enter to get the updated fare details for that journey. 

Components of Indian Railways Fare:

The fare details include the base fare, superfast charge, reservation charge and service tax along with the total fare. Indian train fares of different trains can also be checked at every station where booking counters are available for this purpose.

What are the different types of Classes in Fare Details

1A: Known as First Class AC, the fare of these seats are at par with airline tickets and offer the best berth and beddings.

2A: Also known as Second Class AC, they have two berths on each side and the fare is lesser than 1A.
3A: Termed as Third Class AC, these have three berths on each side.
SL: It is the common choice among the majority of Indians with cheap sleeper class fare; this is the non-air-conditioned sleeper coach. These tickets usually sell out very quickly.
CC: These are known as chair cars. These are fully air-conditioned and comprise comfortable chairs.
2S: This class offers bench type seats for the passengers and is non-air-conditioned coaches.

IRCTC Train Reservation Fare Rule

  • Below 5 years: Free
  • 5 years and above, but below 12 years: Half of Adult fare
  • 12 years and above: Full fare

Indian Railways Ticket Concession

  • Senior Citizen train fare for Female – 50% Base Fare
  • Senior Citizen train fare for Male – 40% Base Fare
  • Student concessions in train fare- 50% Base Fare
  • Scheduled Tribe/Scheduled Category Student concession in train fare – 75% Base Fare
  • Doctor concession in train fare – 10% Base Fare

Group Booking of Tickets

Booking of bulk tickets online via IRCTC is not permitted. In case you require a reservation in excess of the limit of 6 passengers, you can contact the controlling officer/Chief Reservation supervisor of the concerned reservation office for permission to book more passengers in a group. Here is the step by step guide to help in the bulk booking of berths.

  • Submit a letter to the authorized officials giving details such as train number, date of journey and of berths and the list of passengers.
  • Get permission from the authorized officials.
  • Contact the bulk booking counter for the purchase of tickets.

Indian Railway Ticket Booking Types

Tatkal Tickets: Indian Railways tatkal quota ticket is aimed at providing ease of ticket booking for last-minute passengers. IRCTC tatkal fare range from INR 100 to INR 500 that is added to the price of train ticket. IRCTC tatkal ticket booking timings are 10 a.m for AC classes and 11 a.m for Non AC classes a day before the date of journey.

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) Tickets: RAC status of train ticket means that the ticket can be confirmed only if there is any cancellation from the category of confirmed tickets. You are most likely to get the ticket confirmed by the time of chart preparation and will get a berth. Through RAC you have to share your berth with others.

Waitlist (WL) Tickets: Passenger travelling with a Waiting list can get confirmed only, if the passengers, who have booked before you for the same journey, cancel their ticket. So, if you buy a ticket on the waiting list you’re quite likely to get a seat, even if there are a number of people ahead of you on the list. A refund is available if you fail to get a seat.


Q) What is Indian railways train time table?
A: Local as well as long distance train time table is the running schedule of a particular train. The train time table contains train timing – from its departure station to its termination station. Halting time for the train at stoppages along the way are also mentioned in the time table.

Q) Of what use is the Indian railway time table?
A: It was around 1860 when the railway time table was introduced in India. The motive of railway time table is to synchronize the running of trains across India based on their route and halt stations. It made sure that no two trains (from the same or opposite direction) reached a platform at the same time. The train time table today gives a complete idea about the running schedule of any train in India.

Q) What are important terminologies (information) associated with time table?
A: Some of the terminologies associated with Indian train time table are train name and number, Intermediate stations and Train status. Let us explain these railway time table facts for you.

Train name and Number: Each train has a certain number, and they have a specific name tagged against them (which may or may not be unique). This information is essential in singling out a train from thousands of others running on that same day.

Intermediate Stations: All the stations, which the train crosses along its route are included in a list of intermediate stations. A train might or might not have a stoppage (halt) at the Intermediate stations mentioned in the list.

Train Status: A check about train status, gives the users an idea about the present location of the train, list of the upcoming stations, expected time of arrival at the upcoming stations and the delay record of the train.

Q) Why expected Platform for Arrival is a key information in the train time table?
A: The expected platform information allows the passengers to avoid the last minute hassles. It helps them plan their boarding and de-boarding much better. Junction stations across India have more than five platforms, on an average, and passengers may face last minute problems while running around along with their luggage, children and other stuff. The expected platform information helps the passengers plan out much better.

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