Test Bowling Records

Test Bowling Records Indians Dominating Against England

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In the illustrious history of Test cricket, Indian bowlers have left an indelible mark, especially when facing England. The battle between the bat and ball has witnessed several stalwart bowlers, each etching their names in the record books. Let’s explore the top wicket-takers for India against England and the historical context that surrounds this achievement.

Test Bowling Records

Indian Bowlers Test Mastery Against England Wickets Galore

Test cricket has witnessed fierce contests between India and England, with bowlers often playing a pivotal role in shaping the outcome. Among the many Indian bowlers who have tested English batsmen, a select few have reached remarkable milestones in terms of wickets. Let’s delve into the records:

Bhagwath Chandrasekhar (95 Wickets)

  • Chandrasekhar’s unique leg-spin variations troubled English batsmen, making him the leading wicket-taker against England from India.
  • His tally of 95 wickets stands as a testament to his craft and impact on the matches.

Ravichandran Ashwin (94 Wickets)

  • Ashwin, a modern-day spin maestro, closely trails Chandrasekhar with 94 wickets against England.
  • Known for his guile and variations, Ashwin continues to be a thorn in the side of English batsmen.

Anil Kumble (92 Wickets)

  • Kumble, India’s legendary leg-spinner, is not far behind, with 92 wickets against England.
  • His ability to extract bounce and turn made him a constant threat to English batting line-ups.

Bishan Singh Bedi (85 Wickets)

  • Bedi’s classical left-arm spin earned him 85 wickets against England.
  • A master of flight and control, Bedi played a pivotal role in India’s bowling prowess.

Kapil Dev (85 Wickets)

  • Kapil Dev, India’s World Cup-winning captain, showcased his all-round abilities by taking 85 wickets against England.
  • His relentless pace and swing made him a formidable force in Test cricket.

Ishant Sharma (67 Wickets)

  • Ishant Sharma, the lanky pacer, has made significant contributions with 67 wickets against England.
  • Known for his ability to generate bounce, Ishant has troubled English batsmen across formats.

Most Test Wickets by Indians Against England

Bhagwath Chandrasekhar95
Ravichandran Ashwin94
Anil Kumble92
Bishan Singh Bedi85
Kapil Dev85
Ishant Sharma67

Indian bowlers have left an indelible mark on Test cricket against England, with Chandrasekhar, Ashwin, Kumble, Bedi, Kapil Dev, and Ishant Sharma featuring prominently in the wickets column. These records not only reflect individual brilliance but also contribute to the rich history of India-England Test encounters.