Top Run Scorers in Test Series

Top Run Scorers for India in a Test Series Since 2000

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In the annals of Indian cricket, the Test format stands as the ultimate test of a player’s skill, temperament, and endurance. Over the years, numerous stalwarts have donned the Indian whites and left an indelible mark on the international stage with their batting prowess. Therefore Here, we delve into the top run-scorers for India in Test series since the turn of the millennium, showcasing their brilliance and contribution to the team’s success.

Top Run Scorers in Test Series
Virat Kohli692vs AUS2014
Virat Kohli655vs ENG2016
Rahul Dravid602vs ENG2002
Virat Kohli593vs ENG2018
Rahul Dravid619vs AUS2003
Virat Kohli610vs SL2017
Yashasvi Jaiswal545*vs ENG2024

Consequently In the rich tapestry of Indian cricket, several batsmen have etched their names in history with remarkable performances in Test series. In light of this Here’s a look at the top run-scorers for India in Test series since 2000.

Virat Kohli Dominance

Indian skipper Virat Kohli leads the charts with two stellar performances against Australia (2014) and England (2016), amassing 692 and 655 runs, respectively.

Dravid’s Consistency

Additionally Rahul Dravid, known for his rock-solid technique, features prominently with impressive displays against England in 2002 and Australia in 2003, accumulating 602 and 619 runs in those series.

Continued Brilliance

Thus Kohli’s dominance is further highlighted with another notable performance against England in 2018, where he scored 593 runs.

Emerging Talent

Hence Yashasvi Jaiswal makes a mark with a remarkable performance against England in 2024, notching up 545* runs in the series.

Accordingly These exceptional performances not only underscore the individual brilliance of these players but also reflect their invaluable contributions to India’s success in Test cricket.